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Congratulations to Tre L on receiving the Big Brother of the Year Award for 2019

“Tre is the best big brother anyone could ever ask for, and I am truly the luckiest person to have him as one of my closest friends. Who knew someone could have all the perfect qualities that Tre does. For example, he funny, he knows what to say in any scenario, and he just knows how to handle any situation with ease, he has many great qualities and a great personality. Over all what I’m trying to say is, he is the best role model anyone could have and I am the luckiest person, again. Thank you for Tre for being my big brother, one more thing, I really look up to him both physically and emotionally”
Mom’s thoughts:

I feel Tre deserves it. Xander looks forward to every Friday when they can hang out. Tre makes Xander laugh and makes him happy that he has someone to hang out with since his own brother had graduated and moved to another town. Tre makes Xander feel cared about and gets him away from me.

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